By my mid twenties I was lost. I wandered around Europe: Spain, Belgium, France. Living the life of the legendary writer, trying to be Hemingway in Paris, walking and sitting by the Seine. With my notebook. Watching the passersby, watching the fishermen and the river while stroking my young beard. Working on my novel. Yes, it's almost done; no really, I mean it, stop bugging me.
Then one day my friend asked me if I wanted to help him raise money for his countrymen residing in refugee camps. All we had to do was run a race in Brussels. So we did that and I saw what advertising could do.
If that's what advertising could do, then I had to be in it! Fast forward two years to Stockholm and I'm now a certified copywriter. It's been a great experience, but school's done and it's time to go to work. Oh, and by the way, I'm an economist too. Hope that's OK.